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Commercial Photographer in Birmingham & Nottingham

Visual problem solver for individuals & business with camera & post production

Hello..and welcome to Jonathan Talks Photography. I am a Nottingham & Birmingham based commercial photographer specialising in architecture, portraiture, public relations, event and product photography. I have over 15 years of experience working within the commercial world. This experience means I have a better idea of how to manage projects.

If you are looking from anything to a professional headshot to a small food photography project right through to a national public relations shoot then contact me as I get the job done every time. If you would like to call me to discuss your project I would love to hear from you no matter how small or grand your project is.

the services i offer

Headshots & Portrait Photography

Interior & Architecture

Press & Editorial

Product & Advertising Imagery

why hire a pro?

I use the latest camera, lens & lighting technology v latest mobile phone with flash

I have 10 000 + hours of craft experience v 'that filter looks cool"

Years of visual communication expertise saving you time & money against a "camera operator"

“One thing I have found is that I am now at the stage where i pride myself equally on service and the quality of the product I deliver, it’s what gets me out of bed !”

My Blog

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