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About Product, Food & Drink Photography

Product photography is about maximising sales by creating beautiful images of your products. Studies have shown that a customer’s first reaction to a product is visual and can form a strong first impression. Don’t let your sales and marketing down and invest in quality visuals NOW.
My Partner Sara specialises in food and drink photography due to its specialist nature whilst I assist.

Camden pale Ale - Product, Food & Drink Photography

Who is this service for?

Anyone –  Not just local companies in Nottingham. I have knowledge and experience of working with national companies on large white background shoots along with regularly shooting for entrepreneurs with exciting new products ready to get images for their E-commerce. Food and drink photography is equally for anyone from budding bakers to multinational drinks companies. We take your product and make it look BETTER.

Camden off menu ale - Product, Food & Drink Photography

Why Choose Me?

Showcasing wet and dry food is incredibly important for sales and as a food & drink photographer, we can showcase your creations in their best light. We can make your product leap off the plate!
I have experience of working with chefs and catering departments and with the use of our own props we can create stunning sets and help create a consistent visual look and styling.
The ability to get the job done on time, on budget and able to look at things creatively gives us an edge over most of the competition. Our rapidly expanding portfolio is proving that businesses and entrepreneurs are trusting us to help them get the results they want with their pictures!

Camden Ale show off  12 - Product, Food & Drink Photography

How much does it cost?

Please see the “Info & Rates” section for a guide to costs. I aim to work with you and am transparent and open with pricing. Every project is different and please contact me for a conversation and quote. An example of a small product range for Amazon seller can start from just £100.00. Please call the studio or fill out the contact form for a quotation.

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What does this service involve?

We will discuss and get some visual examples of what we aiming to create and to aim the cures for a specific audience. Once we have the visuals and styling we go about creating the pictures. I’m more than happy to have you work in the studio with me and encourage collaboration.