Just a quick reflection here on the next generation of cameras and lenses we can expect most likely sooner rather than later and how the the 2020’s will be defined by the cameras, lenses and standards that will most likely be set in the forthcoming decade.
A brief history of my cameras as a working professional. My first gig after university was to work for the highly profitable Wedding Elegante section of Kodak’s wedding and portrait division by in 2003. I was instructed to buy a Metz flash (think 1960’s photographer in a movie) and I had to shoot medium format film. This meant reloading film every 15 shots !
I used a Fujifilm GA645Zi autofocus rangefinder that was in essence a souped-up camera with an integrated lens and 1 autofocus point. After resisting digital cameras partly because the image quality was terrible I purchased the legendary Canon 5D mk2 that not only produced excellent stills but blew the photography world by offering video as well. My personal opinion is that this camera is the most important digital camera to date. 5 years later in 2013 I picked up the tragic-comedy that was the Canon 6D with a vastly improved sensor but hobbled with the worst autofocus system since the Nintendo Gameboy camera. It was loveable and loathable to use.
I stuck with Canon until 2016 when I shifted to Sony initially with Sony A7R and then the Sony A7R2 and mostly recently the A7R4. The lens ecosystem for Sony is now vast and is an excellent place for full frame photographers.
However, I have thought about moving into Medium Format digital photography and the only viable system in my opinion is the Fuji GFX system. However, the caveat is that there a few lenses and they are super premium in pricing. I had noticed that Fuji have offered a slightly update camera at a vastly reduced price which got me straight onto research and found to my great interest that Sony and all the other major manufacturers are developing medium format sensors with Nikon, Microsoft, Canon all copyrighting medium format sensors. Then what me genuinely made me fall out of my chair is that Sony copyrighted a curved sensor way back in 2017 and all the above manufacturers have copyrighted a curved medium format sensor recently. Now in 2021 Sony have copyrighted 5 prime lenses and are now within range of releasing their vision of the next generation of photography well ahead of the curve and taking digital photography to another level. The advantage of a curved sensor is increased sharpness in the sensor of 140% and 200% in the corners on a flat (planar) sensor.
This years release of the Sony A1 is a bit of misnomer as its essentially no different to other similar cameras except for the ability to capture 30 frames per second and most photographers do not want or need this. It is a speed freak.
Further Reading: https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/uk/news/is-sonys-medium-format-camera-with-a-curved-sensor-almost-ready
Knowing that Sony operate in the competitive fields of Music and Movies, I expect they will be first in the queue with competitors left in their wake like the mirrorless technology of the 2010’s. The future looks very interesting……