Okay, so what happens next? Your working life has just ground to a halt. The government tells you to stay at home unless you need food. Life as a freelance photographer has shut down. Many of my colleagues are reduced to photographing their gardens and the last few weeks have been difficult creatively whilst adjusting to be “grounded”.

First you learn about the numbers of people who are set to die from Covid 19, this is a traumatic thing to comprehend and right now I prefer to sit in my corner and try to do “the right thing” sometimes I am at home and watch the neighbours getting drunk on the courtyard rather like Jeff in the Hitchcock masterpiece “Rear Window”. Am I condemned to being a voyeur?

Of course we all hear the politics on the television and social media. Personally I have found the BBC to be abject after defending them for years. Their news content has often been inane, waffling and devoid of answers or any kind of stimulus. Literally it has  been stay at home and wait for the next piece of waffling propaganda. Twitter has been “interesting” at least for forthright opinions and cross-pollinating of ideas and facts.

Being a UK citizen we have to witness the crowning of Westminster and Whitehall as being both technically incompetent and morally bankrupt. Overly centralised and living in the “Bowler Hat” bubble of London. The Covid 19 virus is regarded as a Tier 1 security threat along with the someone letting off a nuke or the aliens arriving and finding us disagreeable (who could blame them) yet unlike the 2 later possibilities the threat of a virus was considered somewhere between “likely and very likely” and yet there is no giant warehouse in Corby or Northampton full of billions of pieces of gloves, masks, goggles or aprons alongside millions of perspex guards for workers in public spaces.

I pay my taxes.

So, we are all witness to failing on a large scale. Some of my bodybuilding friends say to me “Fail to plan, then plan to fail” It’s a tragedy..

Back to photography…my thinking has been its a “time out” and we have a new baby girl to focus on. This aside, I have been trawling through my “rainy day” projects and 20,000 plus photos I need to sort out and shuffle onto picture libraries.

Being creative is tricky to juxtapose into words, it’s a way of thinking, processing & ultimately making something of greater or lesser note. Not being creative is a dark place that we all visit for some length from time to time. Right now, this is not an option..

So for now its all about Leonard Cohen, multi-exposure photography and baby !